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Frame : Metal, Lens : Glass

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The classic Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses now available in all black, the sunglasses carry with themselves the tradition , style and care for years. These Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses which are metal sunglasses are the most long lasting style in the range of Randolph Engineering aviator products.

Randolph Engineering aviators also known as air force aviators is the evolution in the line of sunglasses , and we are the only ones providing a large range of RE aviators. These area made of full metal titanium frame and dual coated UV protected diamond hard lenses. The straight stick patterns of Randolph engineering are made for the purpose to form a grip around your skull , which in result makes the sunglasses firmly placed in a single position on your face , and dual coated gives you protection from all the refractive rays of you surroundings, making your vision clear, sharp and also provide care for your eyes. Now all is left to do is pick up these aviators and be part of the elite.

Our design combination with acetate metal frames is prime example of our vision to innovate the industry and take this accessory known as optics.style to new heights , aiding us in the venture is the technology of the 21st century and the trends of 2020 , on which we keep a close eye on , so we always stay ahead in completing your look.

The prices we offer at optics.style is par to none, our aim is to offer best of quality at minimal of prices , and our quality easily outweighs the prices of our products, from sunglasses to optics , from attachments to flips, we have it all, we don’t just seek to bring the best of what is available in the available in the market , but also to evolve and innovate the product for  betterment of the consumer, the industry it self and community as a whole.

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Randolph Engineering - RE - Black - Sunglasses